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I'm really interested in the program. Right now I'm trying to understand what kind of science I'm going to meet. Smile

It is very important for me to feel that I'm making the right choice. Except of 100 mins video on HSE.ru what kind of literature I can read, are there any open online courses?

If you have free time, could you, please, copypaste a list of handbooks, papers, encyclopedia articles or interesting cases? I will appreciate a lot! For me it's rather important to touch and read real academic staff. It attracts a lot when your imagination draws beautiful pictures about your own future in the field. But when you start to work in it, you can feel that from the very beginning you were relying on wrong information and expectations. I don't want to be frustrated and I don't want to frustrate you. Hope for your understanding. Rolling Eyes

Sincerely yours, Ilia.
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Anna Rodionova
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Dear Ilia
Thank you for interest in the Master Program. To answer your questions:
1) For relevant readings I recommend to look at the Working Papers by the HSE Basic Research Program, WP BRP Series: Science, Technology and Innovation / STI (http://www.hse.ru/en/org/hse/wp/prepfr_SCI)
2) For specific readings on courses I recommend to look at the program curriculum website (http://www.hse.ru/en/ma/sti/curriculum/). There you’ll find outlines of all courses taught in the program including relevant literature.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to address us.

Master's Programme coordinator
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Anna, thank you!
I will look through.
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